We open the residency with an experimental educational program on alternative art, and invited two artists who work with biodegradable materials to give workshops for the artists in the residency and co-create with them.
In parallel, our curator, Zeren Oruc hosted a series of discussions on eco-art and similar practices, ecology and ethics, and interdisciplinary art practices with biomaterials and local/personal implementations.
At the same time, guest artists had a chance to experiment with cyanotypes and site-specific installations, which resulted in our first group exhibition, Cave of Man.
Guest artists for workshops: Jovana Banović and Adrienn Újházi 
Artist-in-residence: Judy Sanchez, Katarzyna Hilszczanska, and Anthony Brooks
Photo by Zeren Oruc
Herbarium making with Jovana Banović 
SCOBY making with Adrienn Újházi
Photos by Zeren Oruc
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