Anna von Siebenthal is an artist based in Thurgau and Lucerne, inspired by objects and people in public spaces with an obvious relation to the past. Driven by materials and places that seem less valuable and attractive due to their rundown condition, she explores possible stories that lie under the surface and presents her research in the forms of objects, texts, interventions, photography, and documentary. Anna’s approach to her research and creation is noticeable by its playfulness, humor, and subtle criticism of capitalism.

During the residency, Anna started a video project. The photo to right is from an abandoned hotel nearby, where she decided to dance to the emotional period that she was going through when she arrived and to the sound of pigeons who invaded the abandoned hotel. The video will be voiced-over and subtitled with her writings from our curatorial sessions.
She also created numerous found-material sculptures in the construction field nearby, giving another meaning to what is considered waste.

Anna's website

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