Annie Mar Forrester am a multi-disciplinary artist with a focus on animation, painting and drawing based in Cork, Ireland. Born in Spain to a Scottish mother and a Catalan father, her process is informed by growing up in Ireland as second generation Irish, her mother having arrived herself in the country as a child. Themes of identity, personal narrative and belonging are established through a keen connection to the Irish landscape and the creatures we share our lands with. Her work is fueled by a need to capture ‘place’, and the conflict of finally finding ‘home’ in a country and system that is making it increasingly difficult for young people to thrive. As landscapes, humans and ecosystems are continually adapting, the idea of flux is intrinsic to her practice: that ideas and identities can always be changing, as well as history and truth - narratives and memories are slippery articles.
During her stay, she documented her experiences and thoughts in her visual diaries, which gave birth to many of her pieces, and a tryptic inspired by the nearby Calipso Hotel, grazing goats, and local landscape - assembly of the piece will be done in Ireland.  We have been also working with on her bio, artist statement, and her website, to her work routines, all of which was supported and documented by her visual diaries providing significant insight into her artwork and personality. 
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