After five years of collaborations, heartfelt connections, and shared artistic journeys, it is with a mix of emotions that I share the news of the conclusion of Montemero Art Residency.
As many of you are already aware, our region, particularly Almeria, has been gripped by an extreme drought, exacerbated since April 2023. The city's decision to ration water to every three days has deeply impacted the daily lives of our artists. Despite our efforts to adapt, including the installation of tanks and pumps to ensure a steady water supply within our premises, the looming uncertainty of the approaching dry season has prompted profound reflection on the essence and values of our residency.
In the face of these challenges, I find it increasingly difficult to reconcile the continuation of the residency with its founding principles. While the option to transport water to our facilities via tanks presents a temporary solution, it ultimately perpetuates the degradation and pollution of our land and beyond.  Various factors have contributed to this decision, including environmental concerns and the need for alignment with our values. After thorough and extensive consideration, it has become apparent that certain limitations hinder our ability to fully realize the residency sustainably, ethically, and with artistic integrity.
Movingforward, it's important to clarify that Montemero Art Residency has come to a close, and there are no plans for further collaborations, extensions, or affiliated programs. While we appreciate the memories and experiences shared at Montemero, it's necessary to emphasize that any future initiatives or projects at the premises will be entirely separate and not endorsed by Montemero Art Residency or supported curatorially.
We extend our heartfelt thanks to every artist, volunteer, and contributor who has been a part of the Montemero Art Residency journey. Your creativity, dedication, and support have made this experience truly remarkable. 
Curator Zeren Oruc

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