Elizabeth Robinson is a visual artist working in a variety of mediums including printmaking, textile arts, installation, and photography. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, ecology, botany, and geology have been a major influence on Elizabeth and continue to inspire her work as she explores the intricate connectedness between the natural world, human stories, capitalistic natural resource depletion, and the climate crisis. Through the research and gathering of human and ecological histories, witnessing the patterns and beauty as well as the imbalances and grief of the land, animals, and climate, Elizabeth relays the unspoken messages of time and place in pursuit of social and environmental justice and a deeper sense of belonging between us and our natural world. Her mediums include paper, fabric, found and natural materials, and plants.
During the residency, she worked with printmaking from plants and natural dyes, quilting, site-specific installations, and photography, and responded to local issues. Her quilt piece, Naturalization, is a poetic reflection of the greenhouses, invasive species, and migrant exploitation in the area. Visit her website to read more about Naturalization and her other works.​​​​​​​
Photos by Elizabeth Robinson
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