Fien Brakkee is a visual artist working with various mediums, such as drawings, collages, performances, installations, video works, photography, poetry, and soundscapes to create a place of feeling, thinking, and reflection.
During her stay, she has been working on several cyanotype prints reflecting on her perception of the landscape. Since we have limited water resources, she has been keen to use seawater in her process, which we didn’t know was possible for cyanotypes.​​​​​​​
One of the projects she started while being here is a tapestry of her timeline. She is planning to make prints on fabric with different techniques and materials to document the places she will go to through the images of local plants, rocks, photos of the sky and the sea, and more. Later these will be sawn together to create a timeline tapestry. Here she used some scrap fabric and a cyanotype technique to start her timeline. 
Photos by Fien Brakkee
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