Hanna & Björn is an artist duo composed of Hanna Andersson and Björn Engberg. They are currently working on a project about Desert Spirits, which will result in an artist’s book and an exhibition with videos, sculptures, and drawings. Apart from spirits, they are interested in primitivism, hermitism, eco-terrorism, and post-apocalypticism. They are currently based in Stockholm where we also run the publishing house Moon Space Books.
Their search for desert spirits combined with found materials in our scrapyard resulted in an unearthly sculptural piece. The sculpture interacted freely with the local spirits of the flora and fauna, and the land temporarily, then it was returned to where it came from, the scrapyard. The documentation of this intervention will be a part of a larger scope of Hanna & Björn’s work. They also left an easter egg for us, the baby of their sculpture, which is a permanent piece, and called Spawn.

Photos by Hanna Andersson and Björn Engberg
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