Montemero Art Residency is a project, curated/organized by Zeren Oruc and hosted by Montemero Lab Collective on the east coast of Spain. We are dedicated to sustainable ecology and alternative art production, and pursuing to provide a substantial experience and network to the artists who share an interest in these topics.
Initially, we came together to create site-specific eco-art projects. After exploring our options and the venue, we decided to function as an art residency to gather experience and different artistic approaches towards our ecological condition and to recuperate the defunct atelier of artist Wolfgang Simon, which was started in the late 60s. Since then, Montemero Art Residency has been a groundbreaking initiative, serving as a hub for innovative material research and creative exploration. Through this project, we have worked closely with a wide range of artists to explore the pressing issues of our environment and society, and have been able to expand the network of land-based artistic practices.
We are actively searching for alternative materials that can contribute to art and nature. Our inspiration derives from our local surroundings as well as the people we’ve met while working on this project, and we’d like to add to that more. Our goal for the following years is to extend our reach beyond continental Europe and create a diverse network.

Our program
We offer a fully-equipped printmaking studio, and other open spaces that are suitable for a variety of creative practices. Being located on a biological reserve near the Tabernas Desert, the location offers a unique perspective that aims to cultivate a personal connection with nature and how it functions, while further expanding the idea of eco-living. With minimal external interference, artists have the opportunity to focus on themselves and their work in a way that more densely populated areas are unable to provide.
Throughout the program, participating artists will have a chance to incorporate new mediums and disciplines into their practice. Salvaged materials in the scrap yard will be open to artists’ creation and interpretation. This process will be supported by weekly online curatorial sessions, individual portfolio reviews, and brainstorming sessions with our curator. 
Studio - Photo by Anthony Brooks
Our residency is a place to experience new perspectives and acquire new references, by default we are expecting our residents to be open-minded, respectful towards others, and take part in our curatorial sessions regularly.  As our program is highly based on individual residents’ needs, we don’t require any formal outcomes from artists, such as finishing a project or giving an artist talk.
Please keep in mind that this is an artist/curator-run residency. Sadly we do not have the funding to support artists financially at the moment. The fees are there to function as a residency, not to profit. In return, we will be offering you accommodation, studio space, all the available materials, curatorial sessions, and a welcoming community.
We do not have an ongoing open call, but you can always get in touch with us if you have any questions. Our seasonal open calls will be listed at ResArtis and Transartists, You can also find them on our website under the news section and on our social media.
We look forward to hearing from you.

Photo by Anthony Brooks

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