Isabel Law is an artist, creative, and researcher, exploring human relationships with land, ‘green spaces’, and wider ecological systems in urban environments and spaces of so-called ‘civilisation’. Growing up in the urban environments of Hong Kong and London, with a heightened awareness of our environmental crisis, she is interested in the interplay between human and non-human life in densely populated areas. 
Her artistic practice revolves around creating immersive mixed-media installations, often using found materials or video, to provoke interaction and visceral experiences related to these themes. Drawing from her background in Experimental Psychology, Isabel’s work is research-driven, incorporating interviews, field studies, and interdisciplinary research to offer nuanced perspectives.
Isabel has been mapping out the water in our area, exploring, collecting, and connecting with the main cause of drought. She has been also working on plant-based dyes and pigments as part of her mapping.

Photos 1 to 13 by Isabel Law
Photos 14 to 19 by Lucie Dumoulin
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