Nicole Charles and Justin Pape are an interdisciplinary artistic duo who explores alternative ways of production through local waste streams and bio-based materials. Their process-oriented work rethinks how the way something is made, which prompts viewers to question the value we assign to materials and how we choose to dispose of them.
Drawing on local history and the current state of the region, they focused on agave pulp and other local, natural, and waste ingredients to create a bio-plastic window. Their goal was to shed light on agave as an abundant and ignored resource and the agricultural plastic pollution in the area. This material research resulted in a bio window made with agave pulp. Later, the window was installed in an abandoned and neglected house on the edge of the Tabernas desert. It fills the room with a warm and welcoming glow and distorts the view of the drought-stricken desert and plastic-covered greenhouses. 
Read more about this project here.

Photos by Justin Pape & Nicole Charles and @elena_mag_pixel
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