Jordi Jon Pardo is a photographer from Barcelona. He specifically focuses on desertification and tries to sensitize the local population towards Spain's biggest threat: drought. He's one of the founders of MÓN, a visual journalism organization focused on environmental issues and human rights violations.
'Árida' documents the Spanish lands currently at risk of desertification. 80% of the state’s territory is prone to desertification during the 21st century. Most affected will be the regions of Murcia, Alicante, and Almeria, according to investigations led by the Spanish Environmental Ministry in the past decade.

'Árida’ wants to develop and work on the main factors that trigger this phenomenon in Spain: the unsustainable exploitation of water resources, which is the cause of serious environmental damage and loss of plant cover due to repeated torrential flooding. Consequently, the abandonment of many lands within the communities as well as the concentration of economic activity in coastal areas as a result of urban growth, industrial activities, mass tourism, and industrial agriculture.
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