Julia’s work is focused on non-verbal elements of her experience and capturing transgressive acts, processes, or events - like the rhythm of waves, wind, storms, sex, conflicts, and traumatic experiences. Although she’s trained in new media art, a combination of moving images and coding in her case, she’s more interested in the traditional mediums. During her stay, Julia started a video project that examines the archetypical roles given to young women.
Inspired by the landscape and the Mediterranean Sea, she decided to use the concept of mermaids, an idealized version of women - elegant, beautiful, yet silent and immobilized, which led her to reinterpret Andersen’s Little Mermaid as a tale that involves migration, alienation, and connection to her origins... 
The project also involved another artist-in-residence, Anna von Siebenthal, as one of the performers, and our at-the-time volunteer Kristina Gajdarikova documenting the process.
Photos by Kristina Gajdarikova and Julia
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