Anne-Katrin Spiess is interested in spaces, both physical and psychological, and how the two relate to one another. She creates site-specific projects in wide-open and extremely remote landscapes, where the severance from civilization creates distance from the “real” world. In her practice, performance and ritual play an essential role, and she uses her body in the specific site, so the space takes on a new significance through the actions performed in it.

During her stay, she worked on a performance and photo project where she reflected on the local plastic issue. Since 2019, Spiess has been developing her project “Death by Plastic” where she creates a powerful visual commentary on the urgent environmental crisis posed by single-use plastics, urging a paradigm shift in consumer habits and corporate practices to address the pervasive issue of plastic pollution. In her work, Spiess reflects on a particular relationship between plastic and produce, as here in Almeria, the vast majority of the plastic pollution stems from 32,000 hectares of greenhouses which provide a large portion of the produce in Western Europe.​​​​​​​

Anne-Katrin Spiess’ website
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