Kristina is a multi-disciplinary artist teaching art full-time in San Antonio, Texas. Her art practice creates reverence for the peace and balance of layers in symbiotic relationships in various ecosystems. She ties together original relief print collages, paintings, embroidery with sacred geometry, and imagery of naturally-occurring life cycles.
Driven by the goals of a sustainable future, she works to close the waste loop of her artistic practice by incorporating her own handmade paper, up-cycled household items, and fabrics. She is ideating how to use linoleum carvings in small sculptural works.
During her stay, Kristina worked on artist books and a mixed-media piece, with which she explored her connection with rivers and the tree roots that she felt emotionally attached. These layers of paper, scrap fabric, and other materials traveled around the residency and now it's at home in San Antonio, where she will be starting community-based environmental projects.
Photos by Clara Davina and Kristina Williams-Berrier
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