Luisa-Maria MacCormac is a practicing artist and feminist educator based in London. She is a founding member of The London Drawing Group, a teaching and arts collective led by three female artists, and the founder of The Feminist Lecture Program, an open-source online Gender Studies program established in 2018.

Her work delves into the intersections of Feminist Critical Theory, Ecology, Magic, and Religion, often creating magico-religious figures inspired by art historical references. Public engagement forms a vital part of her practice, facilitated through LDG, the FLP, and her personal endeavors.

Recent pieces by Luisa-Maria explore her complex relationship with surrounding ecosystems. Confronted by the challenges of climate collapse, ecocide, and Climate Grief, she constructs escapist, mythic landscapes, incorporating plant, vegetal, and fungal matter into sculptures that serve as the foundation for other works.
During her stay, Maria-Luisa's explorations of shapes and organic objects led her to work with cement and found objects to create sculptures, as well as exploring more of her "weird botany" paintings, some of which was an archival interference with wood blocks left from Wolfgang Simon, creating a communication line with her paintings and today’s finca. 
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