Marielle is a professional dancer and choreographer from Martinique, French Antilles. Before moving to Paris to continue her career, Marielle completed her artistic training in classical and contemporary dance in New York. In search of non-formatted writing, she creates her pieces on a singular vision where arts, movements, and emotions are mixed; where the starting point is the body-interiority relation towards universal language. She is also the founder of "Un jour/Une performance", where she is dedicated to creating artistic happenings, dance, and artistic creation in the living arts.
Marielle Gonier developed her research here on the association between land art with living art by considering the human body as a material, which is also derived from nature. This research is a sensorial experience for her, where the art of exploring is equally important as the performance itself, if not more. Her work "Performing Land" shows how the performer can mentally and physically be nourished and influenced by the energy of the land.
Photos by Marielle Gonier
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