Mia Brown-Seguin is a site-specific artist based in New York State. Inspired by human relationships with nature, Mia focuses on her connection with the environment as well as the socio-political context of the female body within the landscape. In her practice, she uses photography, traditional methods of craft, natural materials, and found objects to consider themes of life cycles, identity, and memory. Her practice challenges scientific documentation and redefines the archival preconceptions of the art object.
During her stay, Mia Brown-Seguin worked on “Birth Pod”, a woven sculpture created with harvested esparto grasses and other found materials. This work explores notions of transformation, rituals, offering care to the land, land stewardship, and cyclical patterns present in the natural environment. The vessel embodies fertility and is inspired by Orb Weaver’s webs, Mud Wasp nests, wombs, celestial syzygy, and a presence within the heart of our four compass directions. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Mia explored Andalusia’s historical and ancestral weaving techniques to engage with an unfamiliar landscape and ecology. She brought her weavings to public locations such as the nearby beach, where she interacted with the community to understand their intimate connection and memories of esparto weaving. After weaving “Birth Pod”, Mia installed the sculpture in different locations, investigating the relationships between the natural and built environments and reflecting on places that played a role in her transformation at MAR.
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