Paige is an artist, researcher, and biodesigner with a background in human geography and entrepreneurship. Paige initially worked in urban agriculture in an effort to bring nature back to the built environment. She feels that cities are full of all the wrong materials - that we spend our time in plastic and cement realities, bland, toxic, and crucially draining. She experiments with interventions in biodesign, to understand how our future cities can be less destructive, and more regenerative, more biocentric.
During her stay, Paige worked on the early stages of her collaborative project, Electric Skin, and focused on research and prototyping. Electric Skin is built on the work of Drs Lovely and Yao, scientists at UMASS who have been engineering electrically conductive protein nanowires by cultivating a specific strain of bacteria. The piece is essentially a self-charging skin. In this context, it is in the form of a living light, which takes the shape of a wall piece. Part art, part light, and a living centerpiece.

Photos by Clara Davina
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