Patricia Doucet is a collage artist whose creative journey has been marked by her passion for colors, emotions, and artistic creation from simple materials. For her, this medium is endless possibilities, and she seeks to create with what is available, transforming modest materials into works of art that touch the soul. Through her work, she invites the public to discover beauty in details, to feel emotions through colors, and to open up to the richness of artistic expression.

She finds beauty in the multitude of textures, patterns, and hues that these heterogeneous materials bring to her creations. Patricia’s works are a celebration of life: nature, emotions, and expression. Each collage tells a story, evokes feelings, and conveys subtle emotions through the expert combination of colors and shapes. 
During her stay, Patrica explored a natural color palette with stones and found objects, and experimented with various found materials to incorporate them into her collages. Her residency yielded numerous insights, with one of the most significant being that this 3D collage format marks the beginning of a new chapter in her artistic journey. She also realized her interest in site-specific installation with natural materials.
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