SONIC TOMORROW, is a collective seeking to query the place and performance of political action and activism within discourses and practices of sonic arts and experimental musics. Guided by gentle gestures, sensory narratives, and poetic storytelling, the collective centers its practice on collective and participatory listening and sounding experiences that are envisaged as spaces for gathering and reflection. The collective curates experimental discourse formats, leads workshops, produces work for radio, develops sound installations, and dives into artistic research projects.
Their residency was a unique artistic gathering initiating the two-year artistic research project Waterways, which sonically explores the complexities of waterways and bodies of water. Through this gathering of voices, knowledges, and experiences, the project aims to challenge mainstream environmentalist narratives and to facilitate new resonances between otherwise seemingly disconnected localities. Waterways is a collective exploration with SONIC TOMORROW, MADEYOULOOK, Sakiya, and Zeren Oruc.
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