Steven Durow, a sculptor, a glass artist from the USA, and describes his practice: “ I embrace materiality in my work because I find it a valuable metaphor for human agency, imagination, and will. I am drawn to glass which is visually light but physically dense, or steel because it can be visually delicate but physically strong. The multifaceted and contradictory nature of these materials forms the core of my artistic practice and the ways in which I use my work to talk about the connections between memory, materiality, and self-acceptance. Whether it’s a work of art or a better world, the essence of being human is the ability to imagine what does not exist and through determined acts will redefine reality. It is the nature of this relationship between our minds and our hands that allow the objects we create to be both a reflection of our inner selves and a catalyst for a profound experience.”​​​​​​​
During his stay, he created an abstract representation of our landscape from leftover pieces of wood. He also collaborated with Jess Cross for another piece that works as a sundial.​​​​​​​
Photos by Steven Durow and Stephanie Unruh

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