Zeren Oruc wearing a blue shirt with white patterns standing  in front of a cave with yellow-orange colors.
Zeren Oruc is an independent curator who focuses on ecocriticism, alternative art production, and overlooked cultural elements in postmodern society. She is interested in decentralized and non-hierarchical practices that are based on long-term collaborations, and aims to create a space for open conversation and care. Zeren is the founder of the initiative "iksvy art" and co-founder and artistic director of Montemero Art Residency.
At MAR, she’s responsible for the ideation, creation, artistic direction, coordinating, giving curatorial sessions, social media management and miscellaneous — simply anything and everything related to residency's artistic creation and management. 
Emily Pappa is a biologist who later studied environmental design, and one of the co-founders of Montemero Lab Collective. She is a key player in the marine programs and has implemented several sustainable systems throughout Montemero, with the hope to make it completely off-grid using innovative techniques. She lives on-site, and you can get in touch with her if you need anything during your stay.
Pino Ramon Paul Brenner is a scientific diver, apnea instructor, and sustainable management consultant. He is the co-founder of the Montemero Lab Collective and several other initiatives. He studied environmental engineering and politics, and dedicated his life to the conservation and protection of marine life. Pino lives on-site throughout the year and works on local projects.
As we work as a collective, we have different members visiting us for various projects throughout the year. It's likely that you will meet some of them if you are here. =) 
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